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68 Intricacies- chapter twenty-two- Follow
"Of course I will, sir. I'd follow you into hell if you asked me to."
There was always something about Roy Mustang that drew Riza to him. Even before they had considered each other "friends", when they were in that awkward middle ground between casual acquaintance and actual friendship that was only heightened by how confusing and lopsided an experience being a teenager can be, Riza felt this undeniable need to be around him, to get answers about him and answer questions about herself that, when Roy asked them, she was all too eager to answer. At the time (and, to a point, even now), Riza wasn't able to pinpoint why she felt this way, why her interest in him seemed to flow as endlessly and powerful as a waterfall, accumulating at the bottom into a lake of new things Roy told her about him, his family, how he saw things, etc. It could have been that he was new to her and, like anyone with anything (or anyone) they've never come across before, Riza's curiosity knew no bounds or ex
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 3 6
68 Intricacies- chapter twenty-one- Flaws
To Roy Mustang,
That is who is reading this, right? It was just today that father told me your name (after refusing to for about a month and only saying as much as 'he's an apprentice coming in the spring'), so I might be remembering wrong- although I'd like to think I'd remember a name as unique as your's. If I am, however, sorry in advance. However, if the person reading this is not Roy Mustang, then please, set the letter down. Really, you shouldn't be reading other people's mail- it's pretty rude. If you are Roy (is it OK if I call you that? I'm sure father will have us using formalities when you come here, so I'd like to try and be as casual as possible before then), then hello. I'm Riza Hawkeye, your teacher's daughter and only child. I'm only twelve (father tells me you're older by almost two years - an age gap small enough to be friendly but wide enough to be just the slightest bit intimidating to me) and am probably not the kind of friend you had in mind you make while you're
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 4 11
68 Intricacies- Chapter twenty- Fireworks
As a teenager, Riza considered Roy to be a lot of things. She considered him to be intelligent, more than capable of becoming the future wielder of flame alchemy (even if he had a tendency to act before he thought and often had to be pulled out of trouble by Riza). She considered him a good friend and a good person in general, someone who was kind and polite but also outgoing and stubborn, someone who encouraged Riza to speak up and listened to her when she did. She even considered him to be attractive, handsome without the ego that sometimes came with it. All of these considerations came together to create Riza's ultimate view of him, the one that she held the closest to her heart.
Riza considered Roy to be a firework.
Fireworks, by design, work best in the dark, preferably with the night sky. With the death of her mother and the perpetual absence of her father, Riza felt her life was just that: dark, the comparison of it being like endless night feeling like too much of a stretch to
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 5 1
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A Beautiful Christmas Eve :iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 8 3
Mature content
68 Intricacies- chapter nineteen- Firearms :iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 9 7
68 Intricacies- chapter eighteen- Finally
Central was cloaked in darkness, nightfall effectively disguising the small details of the city so that only the tall buildings stood out. The stars, small, bright pinholes that usually aided the street lamps in their jobs of lighting the city at night, were hidden, their brilliance covered by the clouds that stubbornly refused to go away. From inside, a light rain could be heard, the kind of rain that was extremely pleasant only to those who didn't have to be out in it. The sound it produced, a halcyon yet barely audible rhythm, was enough to tempt anyone in an already drowsy state into slumber. Most everyone in the city had succumbed to the lullaby, as they were already tucked into their beds, dreaming about what was, what could be, what they wanted to be or possibly memories of their past. For most everyone, the rain's melody went unheard.  
Everyone, that is, except for Roy Mustang.  
Yes, it seemed the Flame Alchemist was still awake, despite the fact that
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 4 4
68 Intricacies- chapter seventeen- Firsts
It's impossible for Riza Hawkeye to forget her first kiss. What made it so unforgettable in her mind wasn't the kiss itself (although that was a little bit why, if she was being honest) but the man that she shared it with and the promise that it held.
At seventeen years old, Roy Mustang had been Riza's first kiss.
It happened in the early morning hours on the day Roy was to leave for the military, when the two of them had been unable to sleep and had somehow gotten into a conversation about the future, about what the two of them planned to do after that morning became just another one in the catalogue of their lives. Roy, as he had told Riza before, was going to make the country better using the alchemy her father had taught him. He was going to help create a beautiful future for everyone, a thought that brought Riza a great amount of comfort.
What he said next, however, surprised her.
"And once I'm done making a beautiful future for everyone else, Riza, I'd like to make you a part of
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 2 2
68 Intricacies- Chapter sixteen- Ferocity
As a young girl, Riza never thought she had a bit of ferocity in her. She never considered herself to be bold, violent, ruthless, or any of the other traits that went along with being ferocious. She was meek, quiet, timid, sweet. She wasn't a girl to fight back or try to change the tide of things, even if her body and mind screamed for her to do so. For most of her childhood, she was a passive observer of others, never really participating in their activities unless she felt she had to (this rule especially came into play after she met Roy Mustang - keeping him out of trouble was definitely a thing she felt she had to do, lest he get in hot water by Riza's father, who doubled as his alchemy teacher). While she didn't exactly like how meek she was, it was something that was hard to change about herself- being more of a quiet, behind the scenes person just came more naturally to her.
That changed, however, as she got older. Maybe it was Ishval, maybe it was the maturity she gained from g
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 3 3
68 Intricacies- Chapter fifteen- Exhausted
At this moment, Roy was fairly certain that he'd never been more exhausted than he currently was.
He rested his temple on the small train window, the cover night preventing Roy from seeing any of the normal scenery out of the corner of his eye. It didn't exactly surprise him that his workload had increased since becoming Fuhrer but he honestly hadn't expected it to be as tiring as it really was. Despite his fatigue, however, it was more than worth it if it meant being able to watch Ishval rebuild. This had been Roy's first trip since becoming Fuhrer a little over a year ago and in that time, it had undergone important yet spotty restoration. While key parts to Ishval's social restoration had been revived, it had happened in sporadic parts, events that hadn't come together until a few months ago. Roy swore to himself that he was going to change that, that Ishval's rebuild would be more consistent from then on. Still, Roy was glad to say that things had changed since his last trip, which
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 4 3
68 Intricacies- chapter fourteen- Equal
Riza Hawkeye had never considered her life's value to be equal to that of Roy Mustang's. While she didn't think her life was worthless (she knew how much of an asset she was in Roy's journey to the top, so much so that it, along with certain feelings that had somehow made themselves at least slightly clear, had caused her to practically become Bradley's hostage), she had no umbrage with losing her life, as long as Roy's was untouched in the end. After all, he was the one with the initiative and drive to lead the country, he was the one whose life had to be protected at all costs for the betterment of Amestris, not her. It was never something she resented or was jealous of; it was something she took as a fact, all the better reason to follow and protect him. That was her lot in life, to protect Roy Mustang, and it was a lot she was perfectly content with. If she had to always be looking behind for safety so that Roy could look ahead to prosperity, so be it. To Riza, it was enough
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 9 6
68 Intricacies- Chapter Thirteen- Ego
A pure azure sky stretched out before her, the normally omnipresent clouds deciding to take a break for the day and let the sky show its true, uninterrupted beauty. The sun, characteristically still high in the sky at a quarter to one, did its job as a mid-June sun, beating down on anyone who might find themselves outside. This was truly the definition of a summer day, hot without being overly so or cancelling out how inviting and beautiful the weather was.
It was for days like this that, while she didn't always appreciate it about him, Riza could excuse Roy Mustang for having a slightly rebellious side about him.
Of course, that side of him could have easily have been brought out by the fact that Riza's father had decided to go out that day on business, telling them that he'd be back before dark and to "keep to themselves" (which, Riza knew by then, acted more as an order to the two of them to not get distracted or be distracting). For a few hours, they stuck to this rule pretty well,
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 7 3
Please Smile
If anything shocked Rei Ryugazaki more upon joining the swimming club at his high school, it was how well he got along with Nagisa Hazuki.
For some reason, Nagisa, who had finally convinced Rei to join the club after days of pestering him, had suddenly taken up the habit of walking with Rei to school each day. Rei thought he'd quickly get annoyed of his classmate's prescence but, oddly enough, he found he rather liked having him around. Sure, his constant energy would sometimes fray at his nerves but, for the most part, he liked having him around.
That is, until he decided he wanted to race.
"Come on, Rei-chan, I wanna race you!" Nagisa had begged him. "I wanna see how fast you really are!"
After another five minutes of Nagisa's continuous badgering, Rei finally agreed to race him.
"We've only got a little bit more to go before we're at school. We'll race the rest of the way there. Alright?"
Nagisa nodded, his eyes shining with enthusiasm. The two steadied themselves, get
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 16 8
68 Intricacies- chapter twelve- Dying
Riza Hawkeye has never feared dying. She assumes it's a symptom of the events of her life, from her mother dying when Riza was only seven (an event which forced her to come to terms with just how impermanent life really is at a younger age than most) to the many heinous things she did in Ishval (things that made the idea of her death not only more tangible and inevitable but also extremely justified), that made Riza become practically desensitized to death. One would think her fearlessness of the afterlife would make her reckless but it actually has the opposite effect, making her more cautious. After all, while she isn't afraid to die, she certainly doesn't want to face it before she has to.
If there is, however, an aspect of death that scares Riza to no end, it would be the possibility of her dying alone.
With her, the phrase doesn't mean that she is afraid of dying without ever having married someone. No, with her, it's meant to be taken just as it looks- she's afraid of dying by he
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 9 4
68 Intricacies- Chapter Eleven- Dream
Hey, Hawkeye. It's been a while since you've last heard from me, I know, but things have been a little busy lately. You probably already know this since word travels fast (in your case, that rings especially true) but I'm close. After all this time, I'm close to finally becoming Fuhrer of Amestris. It won't be long now, maybe only a year, if it all goes well. I've almost done it, Riza. I've almost fulfilled our dream.
Yes, Riza,
our dream. Maybe you don't remember (although something tells me that you do) but before I had dreams of making it to the top and leading this country, I dreamt of doing something less ambitious and more innocent. I dreamt of marrying you, Riza Hawkeye. I was still going to be in the military and still work towards a greater good, but I was going to do it with you by my side. I planned on coming back for you and marrying you. I wanted to give you that happy future you told me you wanted to believe in, the one that you wanted everyone to have.
I didn't
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 6 3
68 Intricacies- Chapter Ten- Cuddle
Roy would haved loved to say that it was because of his own actions during the night that he woke up cuddling Riza Hawkeye that morning. In all honesty, though, his small couch was probably more responsible for their position than him.
How the two ended up at Roy's apartment is definitely the lesser of the two mysteries. They had just wrapped up a three night long stakeout on an allegedly crooked officer who had rumored ties to the Homunculus, a stakeout that ended with the duo gathering no evidence whatsoever that either of those claims were true. Despite the fact that Roy and Riza had managed to get a few hours sleep on their last night of the mission, they were still exhausted by the time they were finally able to walk home (despite their fatigue, Riza refused to let either of them drive due to her fear that whoever would end up at the wheel would fall asleep and cause an accident). Roy, because of his own fear that Riza might run into trouble on her way home and be fully una
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 10 2
68 Intricacies- chapter nine- Cruel
Eleven year old Riza Hawkeye jumped as her father's bellow resonated through the house, his impatient tone making just the slightest bit of fear settle into the pit of Riza's stomach. It was hard for Riza to believe that there had been a time when she didn't associate her father's room with bad memories, when being called in there didn't mean being the victim of her father's vituperation. Now, it seemed that the only time he ever paid her any mind was when he was yelling at her for things that she may or may not have done. Riza hurriedly left her room and started the short walk to her father's room, trying to think of anything she might've done that would warrant his aggresive tone and volume. Running her activities over twice and finding nothing, Riza took a deep breath and walked into his room, closing the door quietly behind her with a slightly shaking hand.
Surprisingly, Riza didn't find her father hunched over his desk, scribbling onto one of his many pieces of paper. Inst
:iconwriternotafighter:WriterNotAFighter 9 3

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